How do you get plaque off the teeth?

The mechanical removal of dental plaque is done as part of preventive oral hygiene. Depending on a preferable method Air Flow or ultrasonic scaler is used.

How often do you do dental hygiene?

Several times a year will be enough to minimize the plaque and not to damage the enamel.

When do you start to make teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening can be done when you turn18. By that age the teeth are fully developed and therefore the risk to traumatize a tooth is minimal.

What kinds of whitening are there?

Whitening can be chemical and mechanical. Mechanical whitening is milder and gentler. Technically this procedure is not whitening, it is oral hygiene that helps to whiten teeth removing the plaque.

Is there laser teeth whitening?

No, there isn’t. Part of chemical whitening is mistakenly called laser whitening. This part consists of the initiation of accelerated impact of whitening substance by heating. Technically laser whitening doesn’t exist.

Can I visit a dentist with a cold?

No, you can’t. Patients with a cold and especially with herpes should refrain from visiting a dentist because such infection is dangerous for the health of oral cavity. You can visit a doctor three days after the last herpetic eruption.

Is it painful to have your tooth extracted? Is the implantation painful?

No, it isn’t. Local anesthesia removes completely any pain and only tactile sensitivity remains. Experienced doctors say that psychological element affects greatly the patient’s susceptibility. To put it simply, the less you’re afraid of, the less you feel the process.

What are the steps of implantation?

1. Installing an implant 2. Installing a healing abutment: in 3 months on a low jaw and in 4 months on an upper jaw. 3. Fixing a crown: in 2 weeks.

What kind of tooth braces are there?

Fixed braces can be self-ligating and ligature.

How long is it necessary to use braces?

It depends on patient’s age and malocclusion. On average it takes 1,5-2 years.

When can you start wearing braces?

Dental consultation on malocclusion is recommended after the eruption of permanent canine teeth.

What are the steps of installing bracket systems?

1. Consultation 2. Panoramic X-ray 3. Teeth removal (optional) 4. Making dental impressions 5. Installation of braces 6. Braces adjustment 7. Removing braces 8. Splinting (optional)

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